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Saturday, October 16

RIP Jetta... otherwise a good day.

Badger 'Cross (aka Furthermore 'cross) went better than expected. Despite riding with less intensity and for less distance than in weeks past I felt like my shit was together. Last week's "on the money" quote went to Mike Curtes with "Dude! You're not going for a coffee! GO!!!" That came with 2 laps to go but it came well under the wire.

This week I rode out to Badger Prairie on Thursday for a 45 minute ride with a QBP employee (Lisa) on her sweet All City, her BF (who works at Trek), and a few other ladies and Neil Swanson's lovely wife (while Neil took care of the kids at the playground, Georgia is an absolute doll). it was a nice 3 hour ride with trail time, but I wondered if it was too little too late.

Today was windy as hell. The BP course is a know quantity no matter the direction and I actually liked the course, even if it was nearly as bumpy as a jackhammer. The one spot where I ruled was the back side run up over the 6x6 railroad ties. Rather than dismounting each time I rode it. Momentum and the correct gearing (not full granny gear) allowed me to gain ground or keep ahead of the few guys around me. I could see the guys ahead of me even if I wasn't banging elbows. Paul Warlovski was just ahead and I thought, even if for a fantastic moment, that I could reel him in. It wasn't to be but I stayed on the nose of my saddle each lap and didn't crash.

...until the drive home. I've dealt with getting cut off on a bike too many times or ways over the years, but today I had Persephone in the car and it was different. Side airbags deployed and there was noise. We're fine, but I definitely didn't like it. I'll continue to ride the bike to work, but I'll need to carpool to Kletch Park for Saturday's race. Really, Sephie's fine, I check every 10 seconds. Oh, and the Axis was hanging upside down from the rack when we came to a stop. I'll check it tomorrow. But Sephie's fine.

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