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Sunday, October 24

A hard week

I've been a bit distracted with the loss of the Jetta on the way home from last week's race. Dealing with the insurance company, talking to the VW dealer and reflecting about how wonderful an airbag is on my daughter's side of the car.

Being down to one car isn't so bad. I rolled the Tanknium out of the hanger and have been riding it to get to work. It's been refreshing with Fall settling in. Coffee in one hand, handlebar in the other, surrounded by darkness and streetlights.

But there is racing to report. DJonny Mac took a good shot of me clearing the log obstacle at Badger Prairie last week.

So far I've been fairly consistent. Last or nearly last at each race. At BP I was feeling solid and was able to keep the others in the race in sight. Still, I was last.

Yesterday at Kletzsch Park in Milwaukee was more of the same but without a flicker of light at the end of the Pain Cave. The run-up was a bitch. I doubt it was ridable without the barrier placed at the bottom since even the few P1,2's who didn't travel to Louisville for the USGP weren't riding it. I had a good lap and a half in the beginning. I was firmly lodged in 5th (of 11) but the second time up the run-up I was done. I decided to use the rest of it as a training day and stayed aerobic and upright.

Today was a different day and a course I know. While most of the races I've done there have been dry and fast, there was a steady rain last night. The course was fairly soupy with a mud that stuck just enough to be like riding on a trainer while making corners like an icy sidewalk. The first lap was fast if you had the ability to see the line and have the power to use it. I was on the tail end of the lead group at half a lap and then the course came out into the park where there was no clear line. Everyone slipped around. Greg disappeared off the front as usually. I wasn't mentally keeping track of who had passed me but I thought I was near the top 5 again. I settled in to a nearly anaerobic rhythm but I had company for a change. I traded positions a few times with him during the laps. I had a hundred meters or so on him with a lap to go but I was gassed. With half a lap to go the front wheel slipped out and he caught up. I tried to find any extra watts but I finished behind him for 8th (of 11). I was well ahead of the guys I usually ride with so I'd have to say I enjoyed the mud.

Like Amanda's friend did earlier.

I didn't look as peppy afterwards.

But I kept it Metal.

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Anonymous said...

It is a shame they split up the masters field so much that you get top 10 but "last". I'm 45+ and would be in the same result area that you are in. (finished ahead at USGP)

I do Cat 3 where even finishing roughly in the last 1/3 of pack I get more racing action than I would with the current 45+ set up in WI.